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Municipalities for Joint Development of e-Services — Sambruk

Sambruk was instigated on the idea that all Swedish municipalities have identical missions, responsibilities and challenges to undertake in order to serve their citizens.

Background and vision

The vast majority of municipalities are also too small to handle the daunting task of revamping internal business processes and establishing new e-service offerings to various stake holders.

The overall purpose of Sambruk is to create a foundation for an effective development programme, comprising both the technical and functional aspects of e-services, as well as the need for re-engineering of the municipalities´ internal business processes. Similarities and differences between
service offerings of different municipalities are analysed and accounted for in the collaborative development environment. This approach results in both enhanced services locally and
overall benefits on a national scale.

Sambruk is also a strong bargaining and purchasing power towards IT vendors, compared to a singular municipality. A collaborative approach throughout the analysis, specification and procurement phases will ensure a better result from both economical and functional aspects.

Our vision is that all e-services will be built on a common technical platform, with a standardised exchange of information between e-services and related back-office systems. An open IT-architecture, comprising modularized software will result in a more cost effective IT environment.

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Säte: c/o Sandvikens kommun, Kommunledningskontoret, 811 80 Sandviken
Postadress: c/o Sandbacka Park, Högbovägen 45, 811 32 Sandviken
Organisationsnummer: 802428-2785